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Everything But The Baby (The home of was founded over 25 years ago by Chaya Pruss, a mother of 14 after she had her first of three sets of twins!

She didnt want to run accross town for everything she needed to care for her little ones, so being young and ambitious she decided to start her own shop.

She started with a handfull of items out of a basement and reinevested every bit of profit in new and expanded merchandise, slowly the business grew to offer the full selection of the latest and greatest baby gear, youth furnishing and even adult furnishing and mattresses!

Today she is renowned for her expertise in the juvenile market and for the best customer service youll find!

Everything But The Baby is one of Brooklyn's best kept secrets! 

In 2014 chaya decided its time to bring the offerings of her brooklyn shop to the rest of the nation, so she launched to make it easier for all of her current and potential customers to recieve the amazing pricing and service they expect from Everything But The Baby.

We are still a family owned and operated business!

Please note: This website is not a complete catalog of items available form Everything But The Baby.

We aim to grow our online catalog as big as we can, but in the meantime if your on the market for a specific baby or toddler product and dont see it on our site, please give us a call cuz we probaly can get ot to you fast and at the best price possible!